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I bought a Bragada Mattress online with the Box spring approximately 6 to 5 years ago. I spent $1300 and you will expect that this mattress lasts. Well, the box spring or foundation, gave in. I had to fix it manually and then the mattress start sinking in and when I tried to get the company that I bought it from in New Jersey, they do not have business anymore. I tried to reach them and their website said they have closed.... Read more

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WE LOVE OUR BRAGADA: We purchased our mattress close to 7 years ago and it is still PERFECT. When the mattress said it had a lifetime guarantee I was skeptical. After having had our mattress for the past years, I can see how they can give this guarantee, as the mattress lasts. I am significantly overweight and there are no indentations in our mattress. We experience, delicious, comfortable sleep every night. The only thing that has not... Read more

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I purchased a memory foam mattress from a local wholesale furniture outlet in 2010. It was a $2000 mattress, & I only paid $800. Initially thought it was great, but after a few nights it felt like I was sleeping on a tombstone. The store would not let me return it, & I could not afford another bed. I was frantically searching for a solution, & found Bragada online & read some excellent reviews. Ordered a 3 inch memory foam topper from them. Six... Read more

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I love our king size double adjustable bed. We bought it in 2002 & the only issue was the lift mechanism on my husband's side quit working last year. They replaced it with no charge to us. I have recommended them many times over the years.

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My husband and I have purchased 3 Bragada memory foam mattresses over the past 8 years. A deluxe cashmere topped twin, a luxurious full x-long, and a budget king for ourselves at the in-laws. We will soon be purchasing a 4th to replace our soon to be retired Tempur-pedic. We have been pleased with each and every purchase, including the product quality, shipping, set up instructions and the customer service. The mattresses are MADE IN THE USA... Read more

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To my surprise I've had my bragada mattress for 11 years! TV recommends changing mattresses every 8 years. I have had NO issues with my bragada. It is as firm as the day I bought it. Within 2 years of getting my mattress 4 of my friends purchased one and we all love this mattress. I can't say one negative issue with my bragada! I'd give it a 5 star. I HONESTLY don't believe the bad reviews. Any competitor can put a bad review on here! What goes... Read more

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I had this bed 4 years. We had some warranty issues that were corrected without any problems. My complaint is this. When you first lay down it feels good. Two hours in and the mattress compress down and it becomes a rock. I have not slept well since i bought it. Well except when i sleep on a couch. Memory foam is not all that. My best suggestion is don't buy online. Go where you can physically see touch feel and ask questions. Read more

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I called the phone numbers for 2 days - no answer. are they still in business?? What type of business, actual store or web-based, doesn't answer the phone. how are customers supposed to get ahold of them? i wonder if they are going out of business and just don't want customers calling them. it is pretty strange and if people just bought their product and want some customer service i don't think they are going to be able to get it. if you... Read more

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The sales lady was rude and not helpful....she lied about processing the order forms, and made all sorts of ID demands even though I have good credit and a platinum credit card. The company is suspicious about shipping to NY state. She ended up hanging up on me, and I had to complain to a manager about her. What kind of company treats their potential customers like that? I offered to send them a check and they could wait until it clears, or... Read more

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Fake reviews make me angry. I purchased a Bragada King-sized Waldorf set in 2008, and it's wonderful. I broke my back and pelvis in a bad fall and my rheumatologist recommended it. These beds are quality, made in America, and my father--Mr. Picky--liked it so much he ordered one, too. He said it's the most comfortable bed he's had in his 83 years. Their customer service and warranty are unbeatable, and their prices are competitive. Yes, DO order... Read more

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