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black mold is growing in our beautiful bragada mattress apparently because human body heat against A BIG SPONGE and a cold surface will form condensation (3rd grade science) and therefore a condition may exist that would be conducive for mold spores to thrive!

hence we have an issue are we at fault because we radiate heat or should a mattress company that sells foam that is essentially a big sponge would at least have included some sort of mold inhibitor in the manufacturing process or a tag saying warning sleeping on our mattresses may cause a mold condition, or at least acknowledge the email we sent them over 3 months ago.

AND who is to say where the mold spores originated?

the rep. told me that a moldy mattress is unhealthy and i shouldn't sleep on it ever again!!

so I should fork out another 750 dollars that i don't have?,to replace the moldy one?

is that some kind of sales tactic because if i have moldy mattress i'll run right out and replace it with another one from them?

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Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #425264

Mold cannot just grow out of no where. You would have noticed mold on the bed when it arrived.

If it wasn't there then it came from your own home. Your living conditions. All foam is the same. Memory foam just has a memory feature.

Morons should not be allowed to post on here. Go clean your filthy homes and stop complaining about your own issues.

to Tim Sonora, California, United States #997862

Trolls live under bridges go back you nasty foul creation of a life lived by judging others mold under the bridge is what you get change your attitude towards life in general and be grateful for your existence


Yup, me too. And the rep we just called seemed trained to quickly say that mold was not caused by the mattress, but that "if mold exists somewhere in your home, or even in you, it can form blah blah blah" ***.

They have to know their mattresses transfer body moisture incredibly efficiently through the foam to the other side, where they trap that moisture, and not to warn people at all, much less tell them how to avoid the problem, seems criminal. We had the mattress one month and it had five distinct colors of mold growing on the bottom when I flipped it up to see what the smell was.


I have a Bragada too with the same problem! Bought it about 3 years ago and today I wanted to clean underneath the bed and when I turn the mattress over it was full of black mold!

I am so upset. Funny because I noticed for the past year that I was getting itchy at night, probably due to the mold. It was on a bed frame with plenty of ventalation, and it doesn't get humid in Seattle or the apartment. I'm waiting to hear back from the warranty department.

I also have to say that the first two years the bed was nice but for the past year it has gotten too soft and isn't comfortable anymore.

Its only 3years old and $1000 bed. I hope they help me and if not never again buying from them.


Same problem here with my temperpediac im looking for a solution but im doubtful but since i saw the problem im like good greif fix the back get the mold wtfffff grrrr


This company is also known as BEWARE!!!

Apparently Hiding the name Bragada with another company to hide the hundreds of complaints online


I love your since of humor. You should stop generating so much heat or be thankful for you steamy sex life. Good luck and thanks for the info!!!

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