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I got the King Vienna mattress and box springs, box springs come as two XL twin size. The bed is killing my back after about 2 weeks.

The first four nights were great but now it feels like I am sleeping on a board with a log down the center of it. I can`t even roll over to kiss my wife goodnight. Now I am told by Bragada that I have to measure the dept after 8 hours and if it doesn`t have a space at least 1 3/4 inches they will do nothing about it . This is the WARRENTY.

Great now I own a $1700.00 piece of foam I can`t sleep on. I will keep posting until there is some kind of compromise

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I had the same problem with Bragada. We bought the split king 2 years ago. Within 6 weeks my husband's mattress was cratering and his bottom rests on the frame. We've called several times, but it always comes down to a 1.5" dip in the bed. There is no dip when no one is in the bed. Only when it is occupied. I can't even sleep on it and I'm only 120#. I will NEVER buy another bed from Bragada. Ever!!!

P.s. Spoke with two other companies today. Both told me that at 260# my husband weighs too much for a 9 inch mattress and ANY memory foam mattress will break down more quickly due to his weight. This was a question I asked the rep at Bragada BEFORE purchasing the bed. Now we have a $3500 piece of *** in the bedroom.

In any case, if you are over 250#, it is my understanding the bed won't hold up. The best suggestion I've had is to replace both mattresses with a 12" or deeper with at least 9" of high density base foam. That's another $1200+. Ugh!!!


OK, I recieved the credit from Lynn at Bragada which was very nice indeed but the *** in their billing or collections office charged me 35 bucks for a late fee before they even got the bill right. He has called me at least 5 times with a snotty attitude and tells me I'm in collections .

I just recieved the revised BILL on 1-17-11.

*** give me time to read it and try to figure out why I have a late fee on a bill that they had to revise. Lynn was a very nice lady ,if thats her real name and she said they are under new managment if so get rid of the *** in collections and get someone that can understand the USPS.


Hello again Mr. Heath:

I have located the issue. We crediting your account today. The credit should appear within 3 - 5 business days, or sooner. We are truly sorry for the delay. We are the new owners of Bragada, and this should not have taken so long. Please let us know if we can be of any further assistance.

Thank you!

Bragada Mattresses

Erode, Tamil Nadu, India #230338

Hello Micheal Heath:

This is odd, and I will look into this and get back to you Monday. I want you to be happy with Bragada, as thousands of other customers are. You will get a call Monday with resolution to your satisfaction, GUARANTEED!



Bragada Mattresses


UPDATE. Well I just recieved another bill from Bragada for the full amount of 1800 bucks after the said the would give me 1400 off my bill because of their *** mattress and now I am told by the credit dept there is no credit to my bill and I have to contact the store .

Anybody thinking of doing business with this copany DON' T DO IT. IT IS A RIP OFF.


Ahraff, I will trade you and we can share our thought on how it works out on here. I might like yours to but I am sure you will not like mine.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #210175

I love my bragada mattress. Had it two years and won't change to anything else.


So far I still haven`t recieved an answer, I also wrote the corporate email and called twice. I didn`t realize how much I liked my 12 year old serta spring mattress until I slept on this bag of sponges.


Well, I called Bragada again and talked to another rep and got the same answer . If you don`t like or can`t sleep on this mattress IT`S TO BAD .

So I will post everyday and let the world know how bad I think this product is. The bed sags where you lay to an extent of pain, I wake up with a sore back and my shoulders feel like someone beat me in my sleep. I paid 1700.00 bucks for this sponge and all I can see it would be good for is holding water.So anyone that is thinking of getting a Bragada mattress CHECK the WARRANTY.

There is NO trial period and unlees they say it is defective you will not be able to return IT. :(


Thanks Dave , I`ll return to school just for you. I wish spelling would solve the problem. Get a life.

Kwidzyn, Pomorskie, Poland #208391

Learn how to spell

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