Westtown, Pennsylvania

I have been working with Bragada Mattress, Inc. to resolve the situation over the past months.

Their sales manager has been very helpful and I had hoped to remove my complaint on this sight. I have been spending weeks trying to contact the Pissedconsumer website to remove my complaint about Bragad. Unfortunately, I now read in the agreement below that this website states that it does not allow comments to be removed - ever. Bragada has been working with me to resolve the situation.

I am hoping that my written withdrawl of this complaint will allow final resolution of the issue. Sincerely, Janet MacColl

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I love my Bragada mattress. Had it 2 years.


How has Bragada performed with your post. Did they perform? I am trying to do this as well and want to know how they have worked with you.

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