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I had purchased a Vellaggio 18.5" Memory foam bed and the box spring for $3000.00 thinking it was a great value as how the rep talked it up.. "space age cover to draw away body heat" "high density foam" etc, etc, blah blah blah..

Being that I had back surgery, I was in need of a good matteress so I was willing to spend the big bucks in which I really didnt have in the first place.. After about 3 months, this "high quaility" matteress started to sag and create a permenant mold of my body which would not return to its original flat surface. It became impossible to sleep on it, and trying to sleep on my sides hurt like *** since I would be dipped in the middle. Phone calls and emails went unanswered..

How pethetic.. Eventually I did the one thing that I thought I would never do. Yesterday I cut into my matteress's foam pillow top, seperated it from the bottom half and flipped it upside down and bought a down pillow top cover. It was hard to sleep at a horizontal level last night but I was finally able to turn over onto my side and the bed was relativly flat again.

Hopefully this side of the foam would retain it's shape but I doubt it. If not, I will end up trashing the 8" pillow top and have another go at it with the lower end of the mattress..

I wanted to post this idea for those with a pillow top so they can try this if they have no other option.. Good luck..

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